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"The music is great, the preaching is great, but just the fact that you showed up means the most." -Florida inmate

Since 2012 Life on the Verge has been leading teams into prison for single or multi-day events. Professional musicians, college students, pastors, evangelists and veteran volunteers have joined us for programs that include concerts, preaching, teaching, communion, water-baptism, prayer and book distribution. Our aim is to serve the local prison chaplain and provide whatever services he or she requests.


Mark Mason and his Life on the Verge offer an exciting worship experience for the contemporary church.  Congregations will be impressed with his unique gift of communicating the gospel through his musicianship and preaching.  

 Chaplain Bill Twine, St. Brides Correctional Center, Chesapeake, VA

Wow! What an experience we had on Sunday, August 4th when Mark and Suzan Mason came with their Christian Ministry and band,  LIFE ON THE VERGE! It was amazing! Honestly, words cannot express how the music poured into our souls and transformed us right there. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all around us! Smiles adorned our faces as cheers and applause exploded in the sanctuary. The guitar and vocals sounded as if they came straight from Angels in Heaven. We were temporarily removed from prison and attending our own private concert.

Nicole, Henando Correctional Institution

Brooksville, FL

 I just wanted to thank you and your band for all the times you have come out to minister to the men at Nottoway Correctional Center. Thank you for all the many miles you travel for the men and women behind the prison walls. I know lives have been changed because of your love for them.

Chaplain Robert Ball, Nottoway Correctional Center

Burkeville, VA

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